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Project Management 

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives.

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Delivering a successful project - on time, on budget and achieving quality requirements to sustain its life span - relies on a  number of key factors;

1. Detailed preparation stage during which business requirements, risks, constraints and stakeholder interests are fully understood.

2. Robust controls maintained throughout the life of the project will ensure challenges are effectively addressed.

3. Technical capabilities, experience and confidence to interact at all stakeholder levels - Contractors, Suppliers, Design Consultants and Clients.  

Our approach is twofold; 

1. Process Project Management. In every business environment, the process must be managed and be transparent to key stakeholders. Calla Woods approach is to manage the process in the background through our professional Project Management team that consists of experienced individuals equipped with customized software who are able to manage multiple tasks at any given moment while simultaneously allowing projects to development seamlessly. This team prides itself on process and data management as well as an advanced level in execution. Projects run smoothly and lead to greater improvements in terms of successful client outcomes. Moreover, the projects rapid growth will be noticeable from month one.  

2. Technical Project Management. Technical knowledge is a major part of project success. Suppliers, Contractors, Design Consultants and Clients may find it easy to speak the same language but they have trouble communicating when it comes to project technicalities. That's why an experienced and confident Project Manager becomes a trusted partner to all stakeholders. Our Project Managers have seen with experience the difficulties that arise during construction and know how to deal with these types of situations immediately, which eliminates many issues before they even happen!

​Calla Woods makes sure to put our client's needs first, ensuring that anything you need is delivered to you effectively and efficiently. We always aim for the best for our clients, which means we work hard on making a culture of constant communication between our team and the people we are servicing. Asking what the client wants and then doing our best to achieve that is key to providing them with successful outcomes. 

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