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Code of Ethics

Each employee of Calla Woods owes a duty to the community, its business partners, colleagues and to its fellow professionals. Calla Woods requires all employees to act professionally and to subscribe to this code of ethical behaviour in order to collectively promote integrity within the company and property industry. All employees shall use their best endeavour to observe and practice this code as follows:

1. Laws and Regulations

Employees should comply with all the statutory rules and regulations and be law-abiding. They should also promote improvements to such laws, regulations and other provisions.

2. Honesty and Fairness

Employees should conduct all their business dealings with honesty and fairness. They should not solicit advantage from or offer advantage to any person to affect the execution of their duties or exert undue influence upon any person for the purpose of ensuring business.

3. Confidentiality

Employees owe a duty to their clients, colleagues and business partners to protect any confidential/privileged information entrusted upon them. They should not divulge or disclose any such information to a third party without prior consent.

4. Respect to Intellectual Property

employees should afford full respect to proprietary intellectual property and should refrain from using any ideas, products and goods without proper authorization.

5. Competence and Best Ability

Employees should only undertake business obligations commensurate with their abilities and competence level and should discharge their business obligations and responsibilities to the best of their abilities and diligence.

6. Relationships with Consultants, Sub-contractors and Suppliers

Employees should deal with their colleagues, consultants, sub-consultants, business partners and suppliers in a professional, fair and ethical manner.

7. Safety and Training

Employees should maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their colleagues and should encourage continuous professional development and skill enhancement amongst their colleagues.

8. Community and Environment

In the course of their business, Employees should seek to protect public safety. They should also seek to minimize public nuisance, maximize general safety measures and be sensitive to protection of environment.

9. Declaration

Employees should declare to their clients/business associates whenever any conflict of interest situation which, to their best knowledge, arises or has arisen.

10. Delegation of Duties

Employees should ensure their employees and those to whom they delegate work (such as sub-consultants/ suppliers) understand the above ethical requirements and encourage them to comply with these requirements.

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