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Opportunities for Hotels during COVID

There are opportunities for you to welcome your guests' return with some innovative, low cost upgrades.

March 2020

The unexpected impact of COVID -19 has hit our industry hard. The off season has extended across much of Asia as the sharp decline in tourism numbers brings many operational and business challenges.

We have been through this before with SARS and other challenges. History tells us events like these pass and shortly, the focus will switch to welcoming old and new guests to your properties. Once the various travel advisories have lifted, the fear and reluctance to travel will pass and a keen sense of excitement will return for the leisure and business traveler.

There are low-cost opportunities available to seek improvements across your property. Lets look at some of those;

Does this quiet period afford you an opportunity to address any mechanical or electrical systems? Are there any major plant which need servicing or replacing which would normally cause a major disruption to operations and which would improve guest experience on their return?

Is there an opportunity to review the feasibility of a renovation? A real deep dive into the remaining life span of FF&E, MEP systems and the effective use of space can occur when occupancy is at its lowest. During low occupancy, structural surveys can be undertaken with no guest impact.

Will customer expectations evolve after the current situation abates? Perhaps there is an opportunity to undertake a minor refresh of your arrival experience to surprise your guests when they return. Some low cost options include: refreshed landscaping, replacement matwells, re-polish marble and stone elements, upgrade your decorative lighting and re-upholster reception furniture. Will guests consider the addition of integrated hand sanitizing stations to be a welcome addition? Within the guestrooms, adding a display box with masks and hand sanitizing gel might improve the guests’ comfort levels.

Will business travelers’ behavior change? Is there an opportunity to revisit your business center or meeting rooms? Can these be converted to a working space with first class VC facilities and meeting space so guests can reduce their reliance on public transport and densely populated commercial towers?

Prepared by Michael Barry - Managing Director Calla Woods Ltd.


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