Construction Management 

Quality Assurance & Control | Factory & Facility Assessment

Construction Management provides speed, agility and flexibility for construction projects.  Construction projects can become complex with many moving parts and conflicting agendas. We  have worked on many complex projects and we believe we are at our strongest when managing multifaceted elements of construction. Construction management is a risk-sharing agreement, offering maximum flexibility for change to the client with reduced risks.  


Direct access to specialists enables innovation and value engineering at every step. The added flexibility  to spend more time in the design and procurement phases also means that there is more control over the end product.


Construction management requires true partnerships with our clients and the rest of the professional team. Always acting in the Clients interest and managing every element of the project through design, procurement and selection and beyond to delivery. 

Our Construction Management service gives  opportunity to overlap or integrate packages and, in doing so, creating greater programme efficiency and cost certainty. 

Quality Control & Assurance


Calla Woods provide a comprehensive Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program that focuses on inspection services for construction projects.  We inspect the supply chain to ensure all specified requirements are achieved during construction.

We also provide QA/QC for on site construction works as projects near completion.  Calla Woods will test and inspect all finishes prior to handover. We use industry leading software to capture all defects and maintain records.  

Calla Woods pay particular attention to mistake prevention over inspection as we know that the cost of preventing mistakes is usually much less than the cost of correcting them. We advise and assist our clients to achieve continuous improvements, small incremental changes or major breakthrough type changes.

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Michael Barry 

Construction Management Leader 


Project Case Study 


Calla Woods are providing Logistics Management services to The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.  HKUST spans 60 Hectares catering for over 16,000 students and and ranks in the top 40 Universities globally. 


HKUST are undertaking significant, concurrent Capital Works Projects on the South Campus and engaged Calla Woods to manage the construction logistics on the South Campus.  Our team are based full time at the University and have integrated to become an extension of the Clients operating team through their work with the various departments of the University.  Our teams construction knowledge and experience is vital to the success of this service as we are in a strong position to challenge and debate the main contractors methods.