Local Partner

Asian, Middle East & European Partnership opportunities

Typically when companies expand into foreign markets, they must gain the trust of local business partners and prospective customers by sending executives to establish and nurture personal relationships. Calla Woods partner with companies who compliment our business within the Construction and Real Estate markets. We use local market knowledge to fulfill the role of third-party intermediary where we represent our clients products or services across *Asia, UK and Europe.  We build networks between associated companies which will facilitate expansion into regional markets.  


Calla Woods enables businesses to scale and gain traction in foreign markets by identifying and engaging with prospective clients and stakeholders thus eliminating the requirement for executives to travel for extended periods.  In addition, choosing Calla Woods as an Alliance Partner will allow your business to establish a local presence without committing the significant capital expenditure associated with opening a foreign office.   Calla Woods and its executive team are already recognized in your target market and we have the insight on how the local market and culture have to be approached.


*Asia - Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand